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A few months ago, we released the Reporting Manager extension. As we developed this initial iteration, it was important we provided a method for admins to collect information from a wide range of datasets. We would like to showcase in more detail how the Reporting API and Report Manager can be an enterprise-grade resource for technology businesses

How It Works

The Report Manager extension is a tool for constructing queries and generating reports based on different ConnectWise Control session activities. This extension utilizes the ConnectWise Control Reporting API introduced in ConnectWise Control version 5.5.

The Reporting API opens the ConnectWise Control database, but the Reporting Manager extension gives a more focused view of select data.

Types of Reports

The Report Manager can generate two main categories of reports: reports based on properties and reports based on events.

Reports based on properties will retrieve descriptive information about a session or session connection, such as a session’s ID, a host’s name, and a session type. Reports based on events will return items that have occurred within the context of a session or session connection.

Examples of events include processing a reinstallation, whether a session name has been modified, sending a print job, and running a command, etc.

The extension currently provides raw reports of data delivered as a .csv, .xml, or .json format. But don’t worry–we’ve got a templated version that simplifies this process even more in the works! Stay tuned for even more efficiency-driving features.

Give this Extension a Whirl

Give this Extension a Whirl

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  1. And for anyone that’s interested in this and may have even installed the extension but this “101” didn’t provide the “101” you were looking for: you access the reports by logging in as a superuser to your ScreenConnect installation then clicking your user icon (bottom left) and clicking the “Report Manager” link.

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