Jeff Bishop

How to Be an IT Hero at Home


Looking like a tech genius to your family and friends is easier to do than you might think when you harness the power of ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect) to remotely support machines and devices at home and beyond.

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ConnectWise Control 101: The Shared Toolbox

Remote Support Shared Toolbox | ConnectWise Control

One of the key features of ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), is our Shared Toolbox.  With the Shared Toolbox, the administrator can upload self-contained executables to the ConnectWise Control server. Unlike the personal toolbox, tools that are uploaded to the shared toolbox are available to use by any host, in any location. This can be handy if the administrator knows there are certain tools that all his/her technicians will want to use.

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Extension Spotlight: Freshdesk

ScreenConnect Freshdesk Extension

We’re excited to share our selection for this month’s extension spotlight! This is no easy task, with ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)’s extension library containing more than 90 options.

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8 Considerations for Choosing a Remote Support Solution

How to choose a remote support solution

Having the right remote support solution gives you the power to support every one of your clients, no matter where they are. To provide the service your customers expect—and your business relies on—you’ll need the power to connect to computers quickly and securely, to keep local and global client relationships strong in today’s always-on environment.

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5 Remote Support Must-Haves

ScreenConnect vs TeamViewer Remote Support

Thinking about adding a new remote support solution to your business’s wish list this season?  Before you decide on your final choice, take a moment to make sure it offers these 5 game-changing capabilities.

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