ConnectWise Control Formerly ScreenConnect 6.1 Release

The remote control solution you know and love as ScreenConnect® is now ConnectWise® Control™, and we’re excited to bring you our 6.1 release. We’ve put a lot of love and sweat into enhancements to our user interface, and into adding new features that help you capitalize on our solution and make your job that much easier.

So what can you look forward to in our 6.1 release?

1. An updated security page that makes it simple for you to create new roles, clone existing roles, and enable multiple authentication methods.

2. Enhanced access agents that allow you to connect to your clients any time, without users having to install another client.

3. Feedback surveys at the end of host sessions, to give you a better look at where you’re winning and where you need to focus on improvements.

Even better news? There’s more. A new indicator gives you a quick way to visually assess disabled extensions, and now you can configure polling intervals to reconnect faster when a connection is lost. We’ve also added improvements for Mac users, included wake lock, full screen options, client customization options, and more.

In short, our solution is better prepared than ever to help you master remote control with a lightning-fast, hyper-efficient solution. Ready to see it for yourself? Good news. Our fully functional 14-day trial is 100% free.

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  1. Thank you for the question, Lyle.
    Over time the code signing, agent names, services, processes, the name within our product, and icons will change, but we are not rushing the change and will provide partners with plenty of heads up, particularly for our integration partners. Also, we will continue to keep all the white labeled options to change icons, application title, and other similar changes.

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