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CTech Computer Consulting
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
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“I have to say I am more than happy with the ScreenConnect software. I was able to install, configure and test without any issues. Reconfiguring port numbers was a sinch using the online help. After almost purchasing LogMeIn and having one last look around for an alternative I am just astounded at how well your product works and at just a third of the price that LogMeIn are asking. I have just purchased a license and look forward to any future releases/updates you may be working on.”

– Cameron Titley, Owner

LSI Group, LLC
Eagle, Idaho, USA
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“I have been a BOMGAR® B200 owner for several years. Screen Connect is much faster and I love the ability to embed the software in my website. Overall, I am pleased and the price is good. I really like it.”

– Shane Romaine, Senior Business Consultant

Ascend Business Solutions
Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Canada
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“Using BOMGAR® as our benchmark, we have put Screen Connect through its paces and we couldn't be more pleased! We have been a BOMGAR® client for the last 6+ years and spent approx. 12k. That's right - $12,000.00. The value proposition for us is tremendous!”

– Shane Romaine, Senior Business Consultant

Spyderweb Technical Services, Inc.
Battle Ground, Washington, USA
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“After using LogMeIn Rescue for 3 years, I was looking for another product that would offer similar functionality but cost less. After looking at a few alternatives, I found ScreenConnect. I downloaded the trial and had it installed, configured, and connected to my first remote system in about an hour. I now use ScreenConnect for all my remote support and am very pleased. Plus, it is so affordable I can purchase 3 or 4 licenses for the cost of one yearly LogMeIn Rescue license. I recommend ScreenConnect wholeheartedly! I have cancelled my LogMeIn Rescue subscription.”

– Steve Long, Owner

Southern Motion Inc.
Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA
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“During our trial, we have come to love ScreenConnect. It does what it is suppose to do, easily and quickly. Bye bye, VNC and WebEx. I love the customization, SSL, cost, ease of use, on and on and on. Great product and great support!”

– Trent Brazeal, Director of IT

Midwest Homes
Ohio, USA
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“We love the product and already purchased one license and will be sending you a check for the second one. I hope your tech and customer support stay consistent as time goes on because your company has been great to deal with and I don't say that about to many companies these days.”

– Pete Houtz, Sales Representative

Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, USA
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“I use BOMGAR® everyday from 8 to 5 and I'm absolutely awe-struck with what ScreenConnect offers and how easily I was able to integrate it into my website. I'm also very happy with your companies responsiveness and support for the product. I had a question earlier in the week regarding ACRBO and ScreenConnect and Jeff had a quick, friendly answer for me.”

– Eric Hernandez, Owner

agh3 Consulting LLC
Plainfield, Illinois, USA
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“After 2+ years of GoToAssist Express, I stumbled upon ScreenConnect last month and cancelled my GTA subscription after only 1 day of the ScreenConnect trial and bought a full license. It's SO very easy to setup and use! I love that I host the service myself and can brand it to my liking. Being able to remotely support someone using my iPad, Android tablet, or Android phone means I can be free from being chained to my desk. The speed of the remote control session and connection time is very impressive. Anyone doing IT support should seriously consider ScreenConnect.”

– Andrew Hargreave III, Owner

Enyart Associates International, Inc.
Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA
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“ScreenConnect has provided my technology companies and my clients, access to a secure, easy-to-use and always-up remote management server and workstation platform. The latest version allows us to provide multiple technicians access to single sessions to work on difficult issues. ScreenConnect supports their product with fast and competent service, in the rare event that you might need it. SC is highly recommended.”

– John Enyart, President

The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands
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“My evaluation of ScreenConnect has been very positive and I've already purchased a license. Primary selling point to me is the ability to host the server-side software myself, so that I can assure my customers that their computers can only be accessed from my infrastructure. Also important to me is linux-support both server-side and client-side. Lastly the toolbox is a very convenient feature which tipped the scales further away from TeamViewer and LogMeIn, which I also evaluated.”

– Bart Noordervliet, Owner

Select Business Systems
Visalia, California, USA
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“I cannot begin to tell you how much I like this program! I switched from Webex about a year ago and I have never wanted to look back. I absolutely love the fact that I can support virtually anything from my linux desktop and the reboot and reconnect feature is incredible. There is more, but I don't have time to write a book at the moment. Suffice it to say that I love your product!
Just know that there are a lot of us out here that appreciate your work.”

– John Brumbaugh, IT Director

My Service Depot
Lewis Center, Ohio, USA
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“We have successfully integrated your app into our help desk model. We are ready to kick Citrix to the curb!”

– Skipper Stringfield, President

The Englewood Technology Group
Englewood, Florida, USA
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“I have loved everything about ScreenConnect and will be making a purchase shortly! It's much better than GoToAssist Express, and much cheaper! Thanks for this great product!”

– Marc Manna, President

Falcon ITS
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
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“…You are very welcome. It was my pleasure. I am delighted with your product as well as with your support and the friendliness of your staff. I am planning on adding a second session soon and I have completely disconnected my BOMGAR BOX® and I am planning on donating it to Florida's artificial reef program. You have a faster, better product!”

– Miguel Fra, President

Dial a Nerd division of NerdWorks Ltd.
Johannesburg, South Africa
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“I just wanted to thank you for your help getting our ScreenConnect up and running. We have launched the product internally to our support desk and we have had very good feedback regarding your product.

To give you some background, we have been using a BOMGAR® B200 for the last 4 years and just recently the hardware device packed up and it meant that we had to send it to BOMGAR® to fix, even though we are a technical support company and would probably be able to fix it ourselves internally. After a couple of days back and forth with BOMGAR® in South Africa we realised that their solution is just too expensive and prohibits us growing our support team.

We found it significantly cheaper to purchase ScreenConnect so that all 70 of our technicians can use your fantastic software to help out our clients. Please keep doing what you guys do best! Your product has the right amount of features and is very good value for money. We also love the upgrade pricing as it just makes so much sense!”

– Andrew Burns, IT Manager

TOLRA Micro Systems Ltd.
Hampton Hill, Middlesex, UK
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“Just to let you know that after downloading and testing the trial, I purchased a full licence. I was using GoToAssist, been using it since early beta, but after less than an hour I was sold on ScreenConnect, the performance between UK and Australia just leaves GoToAssist dead in the water, performance is just stunning and when distances are smaller it's even better. Clients love it as they can see what I'm doing much easier as everything is smoother.”

– Paul Arlott, Director

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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“Just to let you know I'm absolutely in love with the ScreenConnect software and have been ever since I found it after years of trying numerous other systems. I'm gaining more and more referrals from customers thanks to the almost immediate support I offer through HeroConnect (aka ScreenConnect). My customers are blown away that I can immediately fix systems without travel and when I'm travelling how I can just pull over wherever I am and fix their systems! In fact last month I was in Las Vegas when a customer called and I was able to fix his system using my Android tablet while standing on the sidewalk waiting for the Sirens of the Caribbean show at Treasure Island. As a bonus the people around me that saw me do this ended up exhausting the supply of business cards I had on me and I have received phone calls from a couple of them!”

– Kevin Kindle, Owner

Redfearn Computing
Wingham, Kent, UK
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“Ladies and Gentlemen, I had to contact you to tell you just how good I think your ScreenConnect is. Since buying the product a while ago I have been meaning to contact you to sing your praises but the new version is so good it shook me out of my lethargy.

The unattended session facility is spot on, the final brick in the wall.

One of the most impressive features of your software is the excellence of your releases. When it hits the market it works. I have seen some comments (can't remember where, on the net somewhere) that the software has lacked features BUT what is there is bullet proof. A feature is no good if it doesn't work or is unreliable! Each release you send out adds a new bell or whistle that works.

Well done. Best on the market and best value.”

– Jim Redfearn, Owner

Wyedean Web World
Upper Lydbook, UK
Company Website

“…By the way, having used Logmein Rescue previously I think your program beats it hands down for value and I love the way you don't sit back on your laurels, but keep on tweaking & updating. Long may it last. Regards”

– Ken Bateson, Owner

One Network, Inc.
Boise, Idaho, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“ScreenConnect is the only tool we have found that allows TRUE remote support. There are others that allow Safe Mode connections, but they are not as reliable. There are much more expensive options that are simply less effective than ScreenConnect. Trust me, we have tried them ALL!”

– Chris Burnum, President

Advanced Network Solutions
Nashville, Tennesse, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“We love it! The trial was a huge hit with my engineers so we have purchased 3 sessions and it's running great. We use it for all our remote support. The price point is so much better than the monthly services like LogMeIn Rescue and GoToAssist, and the screen drawing speed is much better than free products like the reverse VNC solution from UltraVNC. Thanks for the follow-up.”

– Keith Maune, Owner

One Network, Inc.
Boise, Idaho, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“Very good remote control software. We replaced our existing remote control software with ScreenConnect and have not regretted it for one second. Our consultants love it!”

– Erik Schlytter-Henrichsen, Technical Manager, Partner

Magical Productions
Valencia, California, USA
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“Thanks to ScreenConnect for offering the exact product we were looking for. Using competitors that were much more expensive and didn't offer the flexibility to purchase individual licenses ad-hoc or to be able to run the application on our own server and fully customize the experience was a real frustration, especially when that yearly bill came along. ScreenConnect is fast, easy to setup and manage, easy to customize and does exactly what it says. All of our clients are impressed when they get to our connect page and see their session waiting there for them. Great job!”

– Scott Berry, President

DT Computer Services
Richmond, New South Wales, Australia
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“I bought ScreenConnect and I am ecstatic with the software. It does everything I want it to do and more. The bulk of my business is support and with the use of ScreenConnect I have cut down on travelling time significantly. I can provide remote support from the office, my laptop on the road or from any computer anywhere that has internet access. For ease of use and performance I think this software is hard to beat.”

– Demo Tantalidis, IT Manager

Goodmans Interior Structures
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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“While we've been using remote control software for the past ten years, it has stayed within the confines of IT. Because we're now changing our business system, we need to allow our (non-IT) power users to support others users as well. Hosted services allow this, but they're cumbersome and expensive. We deployed ScreenConnect in about two hours; and have already had several user-to-user support sessions. We don't have to deal with platform OS, firewall, or physical location issues. It just works. ScreenConnect is an outstanding solution!”

– Steve Miller, CIO

Qikpc Computer Services
Bakersfield, California, USA
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“Here at Qikpc we needed a remote solution that just works with no third party servers, or monthly costs, "locally hosted" and able to reboot in safe mode with no interaction from the client. I have used many other products that cost much more, and those still cannot compete with ScreenConnect's usability. If you need a solid remote solution, hands down ScreenConnect takes the lead. Thank you for a nice product!”

– Andres Garcia, President

Quatral Solutions Inc.
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
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“We are very satisfied with ScreenConnect. We have used different programs, even built our own, but none was as simple and effective as ScreenConnect. The most useful feature must be that our technicians can reboot without having to manually reconnect each time. Thanks again for this great product.”

– David Cournoyer, CEO

United Systems
Benton, Kentucky, USA
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“Thank you for the explanation. That makes a lot more sense now. I really do enjoy your product. It makes our lives a lot easier. Before your software we were basically running a VNC server on our support technicians' machines and our customers would download the client from our support website. It was pretty unstable and would lose connection frequently.”

– Garrett Guess, Software Developer

iCube Development
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Company Website

“After using third party software {VNC, CrossLoop, and Radmin} for over 4 years, it became apparent that our technical staff needed something more. The highlight of ScreenConnect was its ability to be hosted on our servers and provide the flexibility we needed to rapidly deploy our own remote control sessions. After using a demo of ScreenConnect I was sold; there is no other product our staff used that provides the functions, features, and ease of installation. With Mac, Linux, and Windows support combined with clear and no-hassle pricing we exclusively use ScreenConnect and will continue to do so in the future.”

– Matthew Kinderwater, Lead Technician

Small Business Computer Consultants, LLC
Mason, Ohio, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“This is one of the best tools in our arsenal. We’ve tried a number of similar products and ScreenConnect meets or exceeds all of the others in functionality and reliability.”

– Mark Haake, President
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
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“ScreenConnect is at the core of my business. It is an elegant solution that provides the speed and tools needed to provide technical support quickly. The pricing model is brilliant and it's scalability will allow the product to grow with my business.”

– James Daugherty, Systems Engineer

Vulcan Steel Structures, Inc.
Adel, Georgia, USA
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“We needed a remote support solution that was fast and a very small footprint. After trying several products we decided on ScreenConnect. Our clients love the small download and ease of use. Every session works and the functionality was just what we were looking for. I would recommend this product to anyone who offers remote technical support.”

– Michael Casey, IT Director

Denning Compliance LLC
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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“Denning Compliance recently switched to ScreenConnect for remote control operation of our laptops that we ship to banks for conducting security assessments of the bank's internal networks. ScreenConnect is providing better performance and reliability than the WebEx service we used before ScreenConnect. The one-time purchase licensing, the good product support and the customization of ScreenConnect make ScreenConnect perfect for our needs and our budget.”

– Steve Bruce, Senior Security Analyst

Coast Computing
Palm Beach County, Florida, USA
Company Website

“I spent the better part of a month previewing eight products. Being a small startup, cost of the product and screen speed were most important. The speed and agility of ScreenConnect is on par with products costing up to 700 percent more. I have had the product little over a month now, and have hosted over 40 sessions. Not one session encountered a major performance issue. In addition, the company is consistently tweaking the program, listening to customer suggestions, and modifying the program to suit user requests. One last thing-- The support department is always available for help; they work with you on any issue related to program functionality. I once presented a question that simple common sense could have answered, however, they never make you feel small and research any problems you may have.”

– Paul Falck, Principal

MediPro, Inc.
Kennesaw, Georgia, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“Our company used another remote support software for over 7 years and was looking for an alternative solution. I decided to try ScreenConnect along with several other products. ScreenConnect was much faster to connect to the remote machine and much easier for the end user to use. Our support techs rely on ScreenConnect all day and love the product.”

– Marc Beck, President

Jones Computer and Networking
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“The majority of our remote support is unattended server access so we did not want to pay monthly fees for ad-hoc, attended support. Yet we still needed a professional, customized solution for those situations. ScreenConnect's self-hosted software fit our needs perfectly. We've been thrilled with its performance, guest compatibility, and ease of use. I recently supported a Windows 7 64-bit client over an intermittent home cable connection – ScreenConnect handled the interruptions and reconnected to my host session flawlessly.”

– Harvey McLendon, Owner

Enigma Technologies
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia
Company Website

“We evaluated many remote solutions before deciding on using ScreenConnect. Some of the other products ticked some boxes, but were lacking in other areas. Others ticked more boxes, but were prohibitively expensive. ScreenConnect ticked all the boxes for us, at a price that met our budget, and has an interface that our remote clients find easy to use.”

– Tom Evison, Owner

Database & LAN Solutions, Inc.
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Company Website

“Your product is great! We have been using GotoAssist for years, but needed more licenses and found the subscription model unpalatable. After reviewing multiple products, we selected ScreenConnect for two primary reasons: ease of use (both by our technicians and our clients) and value. It was easy to integrate into our website, installs quickly at the client, works well with the OSs that we support, is well documented and supported, and has a low TCO. What else could you ask for?”

– Jeff Greenspan, President

Bee Dee Bags Pty Ltd
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
Company Website

“ScreenConnect has saved me and our team a lot of time managing and keeping my users happy. They are more confident opening a support session through the web browser, and ScreenConnect makes it much simpler to get the job underway and let me focus on the support.”

– Brian Arundell, IT Manager

Skywerks Versisoft Co Ltd
Renton, Washington, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“We have several application both old (DOS Based) and GUI application. ScreenConnect was the only one we found to perform under the old text environment as well as GUI. Well done guys. Great pricing as well.”

– Martyn Olliver, CTO

United Kingdom
Company Website

“We used LogMeIn previously but have been looking for a more cost-effective solution. LMI is great, but not cheap for small businesses such as ours. ScreenConnect seems to do everything we are looking for, and the price is also good. I really like the fact that we can brand everything up, looks very professional to our clients.”

– Mark Ward, Owner

Computer Specialist, Inc.
Livonia, Michigan, USA
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ScreenConnect Website

“ScreenConnect is an awesome app. I've been looking for an internally-hosted, self-contained software product for this that didn't require a subscription fee. Your product is great, the price is great, and the support is great. What more do you need to know?”

– Frank Christopher, President

5c Services Ltd.
Builth Wells, Powys, UK
Company Website

“We find ScreenConnect invaluable. Pricing is simple (unlike competitors) and updates frequent. We need a simple customisable product which just works and found ScreenConnect to do just that with support which is second to none!”

– Mike Cook, Technical Director

Atlas Professional Services, Inc.
Tampa, Florida, USA
Company Website

“We've tried many solutions, but were ultimately looking for something to purchase outright and seamlessly integrate into our web site. ScreenConnect provides a seamless and perfect solution. It has eliminated all client-side requirements and allows us to quickly connect and service our customers. Thanks for a great product.”

– Dwayne Anderson

Greystone Technology Group, Inc.
Denver, Colorado, USA
Company Website

“We are extremely happy with how well ScreenConnect has helped us improve the service we provide our clients. The product was easy to install and support has been great. Most importantly it's worked when we needed it to. When a client needs our help, we want to connect quickly without increasing their frustration. ScreenConnect has allowed us to do that.”

– Peter Melby

NA Barneveld, Netherlands
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ScreenConnect Website

“I like your amazing tiny, but so powerful remote support tool! I've translated the tool to Dutch for my customers and integrated my company logo. Yesterday, I've ordered (and got) a license for one concurrent user. The program is also not very expensive!”

– Richard van Steenbergen

Buzz Consulting Company
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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“We are a small IT Consulting company and often find ourselves in situations where we need to be two places at once! We love having such a user-friendly tool to use when we need immediate access to one of our clients' PCs in a crunch. Your ScreenConnect solution has helped us grow our business efficiently and deliver the high quality customer service which distinguishes our company from our competitors.”

– Ellen Bebout and Phil Thompson, Owners

Digital Access Network Pty Ltd
Auburn, New South Wales, Australia
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“We use ScreenConnect to provide remote assistance to our clients. It is a simple, fast and very affordable product. I would recommend ScreenConnect to any IT company.”

– Dan Mandich, Managing Director

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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“I really like ScreenConnect. I had been using Logmein Rescue for the last 3 years, Screenconnect it is a superior product. I have more visibility and earlier connection when reboot.”

– Claudio Aguero, Owner