Remote Computer Support for Software Companies

Software Companies

"I can't open this stinking program! I keep getting a darn error message!" End users often have "creative" vocabulary when trying to describe and diagnose software related problems. In a perfect world, it would be much easier for developers to log in, take control, and vet problems first-hand. Remote support software provides a secure portal to a customer's computer in order to troubleshoot, fix, and install software applications with greater ease than a series of phone calls or emails from a frustrated end user.


  • Install — Transfer executables and other important files via drag-and-drop or with the toolbox feature. Monitor the system during the installation process. Reboot and reconnect automatically to validate installation.
  • Train — Connect to the target system to train personnel. Elements such as chat, screen recording, reverse screen share, and the ability to disable controls provide the host with the ultimate feature set to provide in-depth, beneficial training.
  • Support — Take control and troubleshoot problems first hand via remote support or remote access. Repair software bugs, diagnose issues, and install enhancements.

Security tighter than a vault

Automatic video recordings are stored on your ScreenConnect server, where they can be downloaded and viewed for training purposes.

All ScreenConnect sessions are encrypted through PKI and 256-bit AES, and the web portal can be optionally configured for SSL. You can also manage permissions for different technicians or groups of technicians using our granular role-based security feature, building a remote support solution specific to your security needs.

Customer loyalty

Any sales manager will tell you that getting the customer is easy; it's keeping the customer that is a challenge. Word of mouth from customers in this age of social media, blogging, and online reviews can seriously damage a company's reputation and really impact the bottom line. Having a reliable process to identify consumer problems and ScreenConnect to help resolve these issues in a timely manner is critical.


ScreenConnect includes the ability to install, train, and support in one cost-efficient package.