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Remote Support

ScreenConnect is a fully functional remote support solution. The software gives you the ability to remotely view and control devices from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

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How Remote Support Works

Do you need to help someone with a computer issue? Would seeing the customer's screen and controlling the device save you time? Here is a short overview of how remote support can work.

ScreenConnect and Remote Support

ScreenConnect is a great ad hoc remote support solution for organizations of all sizes. It provides users a website for managing sessions, control over branding and customization, and the ability to quickly create remote support sessions on the fly.

Multiple Connection Methods

Every tech has a different way they prefer customers to connect to a session. ScreenConnect gives you several options.

Code Session

Invite customers to your website and provide a custom security code for the session.

Published Session

Instruct customers to navigate to your website and then click on a publicly listed session.

Invitation Session

Use the template option or compose your own email to invite customers to join a session by clicking on a link.

Advanced Options

ScreenConnect is an open-architect solution that allows users to introduce alternative methods to create sessions.

Maximize Software Compatibility

ScreenConnect is compatible with all the major operating systems. Not many of our competitors can say that! Our product is constantly evolving to keep pace with our customers' needs and platform changes. Learn more about our various clients on our Remote Support Compatibility page ».

Technician Side of Connection

Guest Side of Connection

Remote Support Security

A good remote support solution must provide solid, scalable security to meet the various industry needs. Learn more about ScreenConnect security options such as encryption, video auditing, configurable authentication, role-based security, and more on our Remote Support Security page ».

AES-256 encryption for every session is a secure way to package and ship data

Authentication is supported with Windows, Form, LDAP, or custom methods

Support SSL certificate for an additional layer of security

Role-based security allows hosts to be organized and grouped according to security roles

Granular permissions can be restricted such as session creation, viewable sessions, and more

Video auditing sessions are automatically stored on the server to ensure compliance

Branding and Customization

We find it amazing that our competitors utilize their customers to advertise their own brand. That does not seem right to us, which is why we provide industry-leading branding and customization » options.

Change the logo to your company logo

Modify resource strings so your customers are prompted to your liking

Customize your own theme to match the colors and icons of your business

Localize the language for a specified geographical locale

Overview of Protocol

There are a variety of protocols and encryptions utilized by remote support tools. Generally speaking, most encryptions act via a client on the guest computer that transmits the screen's data, pixel by pixel, in rectangular groups of encrypted data packets. The host computer reconstructs the data packets in the proper order, reconfiguring the appearance of the guest screen onto the host desktop. The host can then transmit mouse data and keystrokes from the keyboard back to the guest computer to provide remote control of the client's device.

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