How ScreenConnect Remote Support Software Works

How ScreenConnect Works

ScreenConnect is a web application. Once installed in your environment of choice, the centralized tool can be accessed by your entire team anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Install ScreenConnect Somewhere, Anywhere

The first step is choosing the right machine for your install. Since ScreenConnect is a web application, choose a reliable, stationary machine that's central to your team.

Q: Which of these options works for hosting ScreenConnect?

Server or VM


Virtual Private Server

Dev Board

A: Any of them! ScreenConnect can be installed on a server, a cloud VPS, a VM, a desktop computer you have laying around, or a cheapo $20 dev board.

Everyone Uses the Central Web Application

Your ScreenConnect becomes the central access point for facilitating connections and managing sessions. No additional software is needed; no firewall changes are necessary. Everything is delivered from Your ScreenConnect.

Use ScreenConnect for Remote Support

Let's take a look at how a remote support session works.

Guest (Customer) Contacts Support

When a customer experiences a problem, they reach out to tech support through email, phone, smoke signals, basically any way they can.

Host (Technician) Creates a Session

The saintly support tech fields the request and solves the problem by:

  • Logging into Your ScreenConnect
  • Creating a support session
  • Inviting the guest to the support session by one of many methods

Guest Joins Session

  • Guest navigates to Your ScreenConnect
  • Guest enters security code
  • Guest clicks 'Join' button and is connected to the host

Guest Receives Client

Clients are deployed on-demand, so no prior setup is required.

  • Guest does not have to be an admin
  • Guest client is removed after session

Host Connects to Guest

Remote support client is deployed on-demand to host from Your ScreenConnect.

  • Host does not need software installed prior to installation. The central web application manages everything.

Host Can Now Control Machine

The host can see the guest machine and control the keyboard and mouse. The host also has access to various tools such as reboot, file transfer, toolbox, clipboard, and dozens more.

Guest Problem Resolved

Guest computer is fixed, the client is automatically removed, and the world is good again.

Remote Support Page

Use ScreenConnect for Remote Access

Once installed, Your ScreenConnect application provides remote access capability. This allows technicians to create a custom installer package that can be distributed to machines to create a persistent connection.

Create a New Installer File

Log in to Your ScreenConnect installation. Use the 'Build Installer' button to create an unattended client that you can then deploy.

  • Clients call back to Your ScreenConnect.
  • Control over client naming convention

Distribute the Client

Take the client you created and distribute it to customers via email, Group Policy, support sessions, your website, or other methods.

Client is Installed

Once distributed, the clients can be installed on the target machines. Once installed, the clients establish a secure connection back to Your ScreenConnect.

Clients Funnel as They Call Back

Each client will follow the rules you establish, organizing themselves into groups/folders for management and easy access.

One-Click to Join Session

Host (technician) logs into Your ScreenConnect, clicks on the remote access session, and is instantly connected to the target device.

Use ScreenConnect for Remote Meetings

ScreenConnect includes a meeting component as well. The use model of meetings is very similar to remote support, allowing different groups to share and view screens.

Host Wants to Create a Meeting

To get started with a ScreenConnect meeting, the presenter needs to log in to Your ScreenConnect.

Log In and Create the Meeting

The host can quickly start a meeting by choosing the 'Create Meeting' button on the Host Page.

Invite Guests (Participants)

Invite guests directly from ScreenConnect using the 'Invite' button. Optionally, grab the link and send it out as a calendar invite using your favorite application.

(Several invitation types are available.)

Guests Join Your Meeting

Guests can join sessions by entering the provided code or by simply clicking on a link.

Everyone Loves Your Meetings

ScreenConnect has no pre-defined limits on the number of guests. ScreenConnect meetings can be accessed from a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Remote Meeting Page