Remote Support Features and Functionality

Features and Functionality

With each new release, we synchronize customer feedback with our development goals to provide a clean, intuitive, functional solution. Functionality is presented both as features available through our host client and as tools provided as part of our web application.


Central web application

Central web application serves as the meeting point between your technicians and customers [5 sec clip]

Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere gives you the ability to deal with issues wherever there is an Internet connection

Zero-install clients

Zero-install clients avoid waiting for customers to fumble through installation [5 sec clip]

Intelligent launching

Intelligent launching selects the easiest deployment method regardless of platform

Seamless firewall traversal

Seamless firewall traversal for both technicians and customers makes life easier on everyone

Proxy traversal

Proxy traversal is not an issue, as ScreenConnect uses system settings to establish the connection

No admininistrator access

No administrator access is required for technicians or customers to join a session

Multiple session support

Multiple-session support allows technicians to work on multiple sessions simultaneously [5 sec clip]

Collaborate with another technican

Collaborate with another technician to both work on a single session simultaneously [5 sec clip]

Configuration with domain name and custom ports

Configuration with domain name and custom ports allows for any combination of access points

Automatic reconnection

Automatic reconnection keeps you connected when network conditions are poor

Log on or log off

Log on or log off the system, and ScreenConnect maintains the connection

Reboot machines

Reboot machines through ScreenConnect or otherwise, and clients reconnect afterwards [5 sec clip]


Ad hoc support sessions

Ad hoc support sessions allow for quick session creation and simple connections for users [5 sec clip]

Multiple invitation methods

Multiple invitation methods include email invitations, session codes, and publicly visible sessions [5 sec clip]

Email invitations

Email invitations can be delivered via preconfigured templates or through manual composition [5 sec clip]

Unlimited unattended connections

Unlimited unattended connections make it easy to deploy and manage remote access clients [5 sec clip]

Generate MSI packages

Generate MSI packages to automatically deploy persistent connections via Group Policy or other means [5 sec clip]

Organize and secure your sessions

Organize and secure your sessions with dynamically defined session groups [5 sec clip]

Remotely upgrade

Remotely upgrade unattended clients to make sure they are up-to-date [5 sec clip]

Remotely uninstall

Remotely uninstall the clients at any time; a great way to get rid of those customers you don't like [5 sec clip]

Remotely relabel

Remotely re-label unattended clients to change organization or identification [5 sec clip]

Unlimited technician accounts

Unlimited technician accounts can be created with any type of license purchase

Transfer sessions

Transfer sessions from one technician to another [5 sec clip]

>Add notes

Add notes to sessions for organization, compliance, or billing purposes [5 sec clip]


Timeline provides visual rendering of session information and events [5 sec clip]

Command Line Interface

Command line interface from the web UI supports individual or group commands [5 sec clip]


Wake-on-LAN can be used to wake machines via a message from the web UI [5 sec clip]

Broadcast Chat

Broadcast chat messages from the web UI to individual or group machines [5 sec clip]

Screen Preview

Screen preview from the web UI to see if a machine is being used before connecting [5 sec clip]

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow users to capture customer information and efficiently organize sessions [5 sec clip]

Database Manager

Database manager provides administrators a central point to manage and purge information from the database

Tray Links

Task tray links can be added to the installed client to create URL links that are easily accessible to the customer [5 sec clip]

Session Event Triggers

Session event triggers can automate actions, such as sending emails, based on system events


Control and view

Control and view machines through an intuitive, fully functional client [5 sec clip]

Unlimited participants

Unlimited participants can join and hopefully pay attention to your online presentations

Send Ctrl+Alt+Del

Easily send Ctrl+Alt+Del to the customer machine [5 sec clip]

User Account Control (UAC)

User Account Control (UAC) is not a problem, as prompts are displayed to and controlled by users [5 sec clip]


Chat with customers through an out-of-the-way interface [5 sec clip]

Take screenshots

Take screenshots instantly (and they are named and saved automatically) [5 sec clip]

Screen recordings

Screen recordings are saved in .avi format locally for the user [5 sec clip]

Screen blanking

Screen blanking lets technicians work without customers looking on [5 sec clip]


Reboot the machine to normal or safe mode (and reconnect automatically) [5 sec clip]

Transfer files and folders

Transfer files and folders with menu options [5 sec clip]

Drag and drop file transfer

Drag and drop file transfer makes moving files quick and simple [5 sec clip]

Cut and paste file transfer

Copy and paste file transfer is another option for moving files and folders across machines [5 sec clip]

Reverse the screen sharing

Reverse screen share to allow the customer to view your desktop [5 sec clip]

The Toolbox

The toolbox lets you run your favorite tools on the other machine with a single click [5 sec clip]

Centralize your Toolbox

Centralize your toolbox to allow any technician, anywhere, on any device, to run the same tools [5 sec clip]

Store security credentials

Store security credentials to send to the screen later to make connecting faster and more secure [5 sec clip]

Adjust screen quality

Adjust screen quality from true color to black and white [5 sec clip]

Work in full screen mode

Work in full-screen mode and use the entire desktop to see the client's machine [5 sec clip]

View multiple monitors

View multiple monitors with ease, allowing technicians to see every monitor on the remote machine [5 sec clip]

Select a single monitor

Select a single monitor if the entire desktop of the remote machine is unwieldy [5 sec clip]

Scale the client easily

Scale the client easily to fit the target screen on your desktop [5 sec clip]

Zoom in or zoom out

Zoom in or out, in case your vision isn't as good as it used to be [5 sec clip]

Block customer control

Block customer control so they can't play with the mouse and keyboard while you're working [5 sec clip]

Suspend your own control

Suspend your own control to stop yourself from controlling the guest mouse and keyboard accidentally [5 sec clip]

Elevate to administrator and service mode

Elevate to administrator and service mode to interact with secure prompts

Receive sound

Receive sound from the customer machine to hear what they're listening to on Pandora [5 sec clip]

Visual and audible alerts

Visual and audible alerts let you know when the customer connects to the session [5 sec clip]

Make a participant the presenter

Make a participant the presenter to delegate control of a meeting [5 sec clip]

Clipboard transfer

Clipboard transfer allows seamless cut and paste to and from the remote desktop [5 sec clip]

Terminate participants

Terminate participants to kick selected parties off a session [5 sec clip]

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP (VoIP) allows hosts and guests to communicate through the client [5 sec clip]


Annotation allows hosts and guests to draw on the screen to help get their point across [5 sec clip]


Change any text

Change any text visible to your customers, including inside client applications [5 sec clip]

Change images and icons

Change images and icons to advertise your company, not ScreenConnect [5 sec clip]

Change colors

Change colors of web app and client applications to align with your company and brand [5 sec clip]

Design your own theme

Design your own theme and become the artist

Integrate into your website

Integrate into your website through a variety of means

Localize the language

Localize the language of the web application and client

Optional disclaimer

Optional disclaimer helps set customer expectations before they join a session

Alter source code

Alter source code of the web app, as it is all included in your installation

Change CSS

Change CSS for more radical visual alterations

Compile plugins

Compile plug-ins for serious customization


On-premise self-hosting

On-premise hosting puts you in complete control of your remote control solution

Role-based security

Role-based security provides industry-leading security control for each user

Use granular permissions

Use granular permissions to micro-manage user security

Require approval from customers

Require consent from customers to take control of their machines [5 sec clip]

256-bit AES encryption

256-bit AES encryption for every session is a secure way to package and ship data

Video auditing

Video auditing gives you server-based video recordings of all sessions for peace of mind and compliance


HIPAA and PCI are just a few of the supported compliances

Generate session codes

Generate session codes automatically and customize the length and structure for improved security

Integrate using LDAP & Active Directory

Integrate using LDAP and Active Directory to fit like a glove into your enterprise security model

Forms Authentication

Forms authentication is an optional, easy-to-implement authentication alternative

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides an additional level of authentication

SSL-enable the web app

SSL-enable the web app for an additional layer of security

Password Reset

Password reset is available for users via the web UI

SQL Database

SQLite database provides more options for storage, maintenance, and reporting

Generate reports

Generate reports from easily interpreted SQLite database

Lock On Exit

Lock on exit returns a machine to the lock screen upon exiting a session

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