Customize ScreenConnect Remote Support Tool

Customize ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect provides users with a flexible, web-based solution that can be branded and customized. Change the logo, change the icons, localize the language, even integrate it into your own website. The sky is the limit!

Central Web Application

Customize ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect allows for customized branding of the software. This increases the visibility for your company!

300+ Resource Strings

Customize Resource Strings

Change 100% of all text associated with the web application. Includes warnings, guest pages, and more.

Enable Functionality

Customize Resource Strings

Dozens of different features can be turned on or off from the Appearance tab of Your ScreenConnect installation.

Localize Language

Customize Resource Strings

Change ScreenConnect from English to your local language. All resources are available in Default.resx file.

Your Customers, Your Brand

You have complete control over the product branding, allowing administrators to make Your ScreenConnect reflect your corporate brand.

Whitelabel Remote Support Logo

Change the Logo

It is quick, easy and one of the most prominent ways of branding ScreenConnect. No HTML required; just drop in your image, change the link, and now your logo is prominently displayed.

Whitelabel Remote Support Icon

Change the Icon

Through the 'Appearance' tab of Your ScreenConnect, the Administrator can drop in the icon of their choice, which will be displayed on the guest and host side of the connection.

Whitelabel Remote Support Favicon

Change the Favicon

It really is the small things that make a big impact. Simply replace the ScreenConnect favicon with your own to wow your customers.

Customize Themes

Branding is more than just your company name and logo; it's a utilization of colors, patterns and other design elements that people associate with your brand. That is why we provide administrators the flexibility to completely modify the theme of the application.

  • Several of out-of-the-box themes
  • Create your own theme
  • Full access to HTML and CSS
  • Easily modify existing themes
  • Change everything or nothing

What if I'm not a programmer? Can I still do this?

Certainly! CSS editing can be pretty simple. It's typically as straightforward as modifying the color scheme of an existing template.

I have a web developer; will they know what to do?

With a web developer, you can take our fairly simple CSS design and completely overhaul it to look and feel any way you want. There are few limitations on how you can make the page look or additional functionality you can add.

Integrate ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect can be deployed in a variety of ways to make access simple and in line with your existing business processes. Once you have set up ScreenConnect and customized the application, the next step is how you want to direct customers to it.

Remote Support Website Integration

There are several possible ways for techs and customers to access Your ScreenConnect installation. Some of the more common options are outlined below.


Customize Resource Strings

The HTML tag iframe specifies an inline frame, perfect for embedding Your ScreenConnect into an existing web page.


Customize Resource Strings

Set up your DNS (subdomain) to give your team and customers a clean URL for connecting to Your Installation.

Dynamic DNS

Customize Resource Strings

For a dynamic IP address, use a dynamic DNS service to obtain a nice URL for accessing Your Installation.

Client Customization

Round out customization by branding the ScreenConnect client. Change the colors, localize the language and disable or enable certain functionalities to what works best for your business.

Remote Support Client Customization

Application Title

Replace the ScreenConnect name with your company or product name.

Customize Colors

Change our default red and gray to any color combination.


Every menu item, dialog, and command prompt can be localized.

Disable Functionality

Take advantage of config files to disable/enable client features.

Remote Support Client Customization

Hide Icon

Choose whether or not an icon for the ScreenConnect client appears in guests' and hosts' system trays.

Disable Balloon

Choose whether or not notification balloons are displayed.

Additional Customization

Wallpaper, blank monitor, and much more.

Advanced Customization and Branding

Although 99% of ScreenConnect can be branded and customized from the Administration/Appearance tab, there are a few elements that retain the product name. For some companies, it may be very important to have 100% branding or the ability to integrate ScreenConnect into your own existing solution or software product.

Advanced Remote Support Configuration

Via your own code signing certificate, organizations can replace nearly all aspects of the ScreenConnect name and logo. This includes instances of the application name and the code signing certificate prompt when customers first join a session.

Customize Resource Strings

Plug-Ins and Scripts

These changes and additions to the web application and client capability are easy to implement and highly versatile.

Customize Resource Strings

Open Architecture

Developers can utilize C++ or .NET to modify ScreenConnect to fit specific processes or implementation needs.

Customize Resource Strings

Product Integrations

Integrate with help desk, RMM, ticketing, ITSM, CRM, and similar products, extending product functionality.

Customize Resource Strings

OEM and Custom Development

ScreenConnect can be integrated or customized to become the remote support, access, or meeting protocol that powers your own existing solution.

Learn More About ScreenConnect Customization

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