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Remote Meeting and Presentation

When we are talking about remote meeting capability, we are referring to the ability to share your computer screen with one or more individuals. ScreenConnect has supported 1:1 screen sharing through our remote support and remote access tools for years. With remote meeting, we have expanded the use model to provide a feature-rich remote meeting tool that allows for an unlimited number of attendees.

Remote Meeting Software

How remote meeting works

Online meetings allow users to collaborate, hold training sessions, provide project updates, talk customers into buying their stuff, or anything in between.

The process requires the host (presenter) to create a meeting and then share their desktop with one or more guests (participants). Of course, the presenter can also choose to let one of the participants share their screen as well.

Create Meeting

Customize Resource Strings

Hosts can log in to Your ScreenConnect, where they can create meetings and invite participants to join.

Share Your Screen

Customize Resource Strings

Once the meeting is created, the host can then choose to share their screen, their sound, and control of their machine.

Participants' View

Customize Resource Strings

Now that the screen is shared, others can join the meeting and participate.

Remote Meeting-and-Presentation Logo

ScreenConnect and remote meetings

ScreenConnect started out as a remote support and access solution, but has evolved into remote meetings to assist our customer base with various presentation and training needs. Remote meetings have become a staple in our product development cycle and get better with each release.

Features and functionality

While our focus for ScreenConnect is to make sure the software just works, we understand having a solid feature set is also important. The following are just a few of the key features for our remote meeting software. To learn more about our product functionality, visit our Feature page.

Multiple Invitation Methods

Invite participants to your session via email or through your website.

Share Screen

Choose which monitor—or the entire desktop—to share with participants.

Allow Control

Meeting host can choose to allow participants to have keyboard and mouse control.

Code Session

Secure each session with a custom session code to further secure those important presentations.

Record Sessions

Sessions can be recorded for posterity or training purposes.

Screen Captures

Participants can use client feature set to automatically save screen captures.

Participant Control

Hosts can make any participant the meeting presenter to switch screen-sharing responsibilities.


Chat with customers to provide audio information, answer questions, or discuss key points.

Maximize software compatibility

ScreenConnect is compatible with all the major operating systems. Not many of our competitors can say that! Our product is constantly evolving to keep pace with our customers' needs and platform changes. Learn more about our various clients on our Compatibility page.

Presenter Side of Connection

Participant Side of Connection

Remote meeting licensing and security

Some of the most common questions we receive about our remote meeting component revolve around licensing and security. ScreenConnect licenses are concurrent, meaning you can have as many simultaneous meetings/sessions as you have licenses. Each online meeting utilizes only 1 license, regardless of the number of participants.

ScreenConnect also provides some of the most scalable security in the industry, providing administrators multiple authentication methods, granular security, granular session access, top-of-the-line encryption, and more.

Session Security

All meeting data is encrypted with an AES-256 algorithm, protecting all your important company secrets.

Granular Security

Administrators control user authentication, meeting functionality, access to meeting creation, and much more.

Concurrent Licenses

Concurrent licenses allow any team member, from any computer, to create and join meetings.

Unlimited Participants

Only 1 concurrent license is required per meeting, regardless of how many participants you have joining.

Branding and customization

We find it amazing that our competitors utilize their customers to advertise their own brand. That does not seem right to us, which is why we provide industry-leading branding and customization.

Change the Logo to your company logo

Modify resource strings so your customers are prompted to your liking

Customize your own theme to match the colors and icons of your business

Localize the language for a specified geological locale

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