Remote Access Program for OEM Companies

OEM Integrations and Custom Development

ScreenConnect is used for spinal surgery; really, it is! It's also employed to monitor biodiesel production and provide instant help within software applications. While ScreenConnect is commonly used for white-label remote support and remote access, its also integrated into countless global products and services.

By way of nifty integration, you may have already used ScreenConnect. ScreenConnect supports an open plug-in architecture that can be configured to work with a variety of external applications.

Facilitate remote connections

Think of ScreenConnect as a facility establishing a two way data pipeline between Point A and Point B. Send files, chat, and screen share across the pipeline with minimal effort. No more worrying about those pesky things like firewalls, platform and language incompatibilities, and encryption. This would be nice, wouldn't it? Well, realistically, it's never as easy as the pitchman says, but ScreenConnect provides a platform to do this better than any other solution available.

Key points for OEM integrators:

  • ScreenConnect uses a service-oriented architecture, allowing your solution to tap into the same service API used by ScreenConnect itself.
  • ScreenConnect is built in .NET and Java, the two most powerful and popular development platforms available today.
  • ScreenConnect is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (with apps available for Android and iOS).
  • The plugin architecture allows you to manipulate the look and feel of every last pixel and incorporate additional functionality.
  • Much of our web source code is provided free of charge with our standard download. We encourage you to evaluate this to see the quality of our product.
  • We can provide a helping hand either through professional services or the Advanced Customization area of our Forum.

Please contact us to learn more about our OEM integration possibilities.

Embedded Engineering

Engineering teams across hundreds of vertical markets are utilizing Android to replace their existing home-grown embedded operating systems. In many of these applications it's important to be able to remotely view and control the device for troubleshooting, updating software, training, or testing. ScreenConnect provides a very light weight client that can be deployed with your Android systems to easily connect with systems remotely.

  • Digital Signage
  • Kiosk Management
  • Gaming Systems
  • Parental Monitoring
  • Inventory Systems
  • Healthcare Equipment
  • Asset Management
  • Teaching

Ad hoc Remote Support

On-demand remote support sessions make answering customer questions faster and easier.

Unattended Client

"Install our client on your device to run at boot, or initiate through an activity.

Would you like to support your Android device or provide a solution so your customers can support their Android powered devices? Give us a call we are happy to talk with you about the options available.

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