Remote Computer Support for Healthcare Organizations


The healthcare sector is one of the most technically advanced, highly regulated industries in the world. Laptops, servers, software applications, and mobile devices work in unison to serve the bustling environment of today's healthcare providers. Furthermore, medical equipment such as x-rays, sonograms, and other diagnostic apparatuses often have integrated computers that run their own software applications to complicate the IT process.

What does this mean?

The IT departments at healthcare organizations are experiencing an increased demand for their services. These teams support the IT needs of their internal staff, in addition to overseeing maintenance for facility equipment in conjunction with various vendors. This integral support model often leads to allowing third-party permission across firewalls and permitting access to highly regulated, sensitive information.

Healthcare industry needs

  • Vastly distributed workforce in a multiplatform environment
  • The frequent addition of new assets with varying needs
  • The use of HIPAA and regulatory compliance to protect patient information
  • System downtime and network reliability, both crucial to a 24-hour hospital service

Security tighter than a vault

Compliance with HIPAA to protect patient information is an absolute must when using a remote support solution in a healthcare setting. Hosted remote support solutions often utilize servers located off-site, sometimes in a completely different country. With the amount of sensitive information that the healthcare industry handles each day, is a hosted solution acceptable for keeping patients' information secure? With ScreenConnect, all sessions are encrypted using PKI and AES to protect sensitive data, and SSL can be configured for the web portal. Our granular security can establish a tiered system of access for support employees. For added security, automatic video recording of sessions can be enabled as needed to ensure that sensitive information is being handled correctly.


ScreenConnect provides a comprehensive, reliable remote support and remote access solution. The white-label customization and branding features allow businesses to easily integrate it into their own IT portal. Additionally, ScreenConnect has engaged in complete product integration to provide third party vendors the capability to remotely connect and control equipment for training, support, and maintenance needs. The benefits of using ScreenConnect for healthcare-based IT include:

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • A plug-in architecture allowing for expansion and customization
  • Encrypted sessions using PKI and AES to protect sensitive data, with optional SSL configurations