Remote Access Program for Government Agencies


If a university is like a small city, then a small city is like, well, a small city. The IT infrastructure needs of a municipality, state, or federal government agency are daunting, to say the least. Often working on shoestring budgets and asked for "faster, easier, and more reliable", the IT department should have a gratitude parade or at least their own appreciation month!

Like most organizations, governments are facing reduced staff, condensed budgets, longer hours, and higher expectations. The move towards a mobile workforce and diverse work environments creates challenges for support technicians. How do you securely support employees working from home or on the road? How do you manage servers running on Linux and Windows? Can one stay sane when managing multiple platforms following the boss's purchase order for Macs?

Industry needs

  • Support customers externally, as well as on the internal network
  • Meet demanding compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Sustain a diverse working environment
  • Follow security requirements and specifications

Presidential security

With all the handling of sensitive information that occurs at the government level, there is no question that a remote support solution for use by a government agency must be secure. ScreenConnect is a remote support tool that will sit behind your existing firewall, meaning that your administrators are free to implement all the security measures that your department requires. All session traffic is encrypted using 256-bit AES, and the web portal can be configured for SSL. In addition, automatic video recording can be enabled for auditing and compliance purposes. Administrators can also tailor the amount of privileges each technician has by utilizing our role-based security feature.

Save money

How can replacing your existing solution with ScreenConnect save money?

  • Our price is significantly lower than much of the competition.
  • Combined remote support, access and meeting in a single application eliminates the need for multiple solutions.
  • No maintenance fees are required. You receive one year of updates and support. After that, your license will indefinitely work with the latest build. If you choose to continue receiving awesome ScreenConnect updates, it is approximately 20% of the purchase price.

Thank you

We here at ScreenConnect don't believe or perpetuate all those jokes about the inefficiency of government. We think you guys work really hard and deserve a big thank you. So from all of us here at ScreenConnect, THANK YOU! Also, if you can help us with speeding tickets please email us at