Remote Access Tool for Education Professionals


Are you still walking down hallways to troubleshoot a server, driving across campus to assist a teacher's computer, or using the phone to explain to someone what a command prompt is? A remote support solution might just be your ticket to simplifying your schools IT management.

ScreenConnect is a cost-effective remote support, access and meeting solution that can aid technicians in educational institutions. If there is a computer or a server on the campus, we want to help keep it working. IT teams can use ScreenConnect to support faculty, staff, and students regardless of their location or system environment. ScreenConnect offers improved ROI through:

  • Simple processes for connecting to a session
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Handling Windows UAC
  • License prices that won't break the bank

Maybe your institution already has a remote support or remote access solution. It may be time to consider other options if that application has any of these attributes:

  • Extensive setup or explanation to get customer connected
  • Problems with UAC
  • Lack of multi-platform support (Mac, Windows, and Linux)

Let’s talk security

Educational facilities often handle vast amounts of sensitive information, whether from students or from faculty. When using a remote support tool, you want to ensure that no session information is being diverted to a third party, and that all your proper security procedures are being followed correctly. With ScreenConnect's self-hosted model, session traffic is not being rerouted in servers around the world; it's travelling from your ScreenConnect server to your guest and back with 256-bit AES encryption. Our role-based security features not only organize sessions but also help set permissions for your technicians.


College campuses are often compared to small cities, with tens of thousands of students, and hundreds, if not thousands, of faculty and staff. This leads to some pretty extensive and diverse needs for the IT support teams, and the budget for new software may not be adequate.

Some of the challenges we hear from our customers in education include:

  • The need for a centralized tool for use both on and off the network
  • A secure web portal for students for Q&A and support
  • The preference of the support portal blending into their current website
  • Cross-platform support for Macs and PCs
  • The ability for the support team to conduct sessions from their Android, iPhone, or iPad
  • The high costs of licenses for remote support software

ScreenConnect speaks to all of these remote desktop control needs in one elegant and cost-efficient package. Access a free trial or contact our sales team to learn how ScreenConnect can save you money and integrate seamlessly into your support and IT environments.