Remote Computer Support and Repair for Technicians

Computer Repair

Supporting customers over the phone can be a difficult prospect worthy of sainthood. Computer technicians have war stories on everything from explaining that the CD player is not a cup holder to expressing that a right click has no relation to which hand you use.

With over 50,000 shops worldwide and an estimated 26,000 in the US, the computer repair industry is a billion-dollar business. The majority of these businesses are small mom-and-pop shops that can't afford to spend upward of a thousand dollars a year on software licenses. As a technician, regardless if you primarily support your customers’ personal computers or a huge enterprise infrastructure, the ability to quickly and effectively resolve problems allows you to save time and improve customer satisfaction. Through our concurrent licensing model and low prices, ScreenConnect provides the right balance of cost and capability for everyone from the small business environment to the large enterprise.

ScreenConnect ROI statistics

Our competitors pull stats from Gartner or conduct their own "polls". In response, we decided to pull some data together based on ScreenConnect customers’ opinions. Here is their estimated ROI from using ScreenConnect:

  • 90% of companies reduced their on-site visits
  • Customer satisfaction increased by 99%
  • Technicians saw a 65% increase in first call resolution
  • Recognized ROI in one day

Benefits of ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect offers a litany of features designed to help both small-business and enterprise-level support technicians. The combined remote support and remote access capabilities offer a combined package for all your remote computing needs. The plug-in architecture promotes expanding and customizing ScreenConnect for your needs, and the ScreenConnect team is available to lend a helping hand. For more information, please contact us.

Premier security

Customers appreciate the ease of use of remote support software for computer repair, as opposed to frustrating phone calls to tech support. However, your customers can express concerns about privacy and security when a technician connects to their machines. With ScreenConnect, you can assure your customers that their information is secure. All ScreenConnect session traffic is encrypted through 256-bit AES, while the web interface can be configured to utilize an SSL certificate. Best of all, ScreenConnect is a self-hosted remote support solution, meaning all session information will only travel between the host and the guest computer, and vice versa.