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ScreenConnect is a self-hosted, all-inclusive solution for remote support, meeting, and access. ScreenConnect clocks in with fast speeds and a feature rich platform.

Take a quick look at a few of the primary differences between VNC and ScreenConnect

Subpar Quality and Speed

Lack of a quality connection and slow speeds are common complaints of technicians using VNC solutions.


Configuration Hassles

Most VNC tools require the client to be installed on both the technician and customer computer, firewall changes made, and various security changes implemented before a connection can be made.


Did You Know?

Relying on VNC as your main remote support tool can be a headache as these tools require configuration on both sides and often have connection issues.

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Smartphone Apps

Advanced Features






Key Points

— Key Points

  • Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • We provide customer support in the form of phone, email, and remote support
  • Extensive customization possibilities
  • ScreenConnect requires no firewall or security changes on the client side
  • ScreenConnect requires no firewall or security changes on the guest machine
  • Connection quality and speed advantageous over VNC tools


After using third party software {VNC, CrossLoop, and Radmin} for over 4 years, it became apparent that our technical staff needed something more...

— Matthew K @ ScreenConnect Testimonials

... I really do enjoy your product. It makes our lives a lot easier. Before your software we were basically running a VNC server on our support technicians’ machines and our customers would download the client from our support website. It was pretty unstable and would lose connection frequently.

— Garrett Guess @ ScreenConnect Testimonials

ScreenConnect is already saving my company time and energy! Combine the value license price with the ease of deployment, usage and features and this solution is going to pay back a lot quicker than I expected! I find the licensing to be extremely fair, and the software is rock solid – I’ve not had a customer issue yet! If you’re in the Software business, you can’t afford not to have ScreenConnect in your toolbox.

— Alex Conner @ Google Checkout Reviews

... The price point is so much better than the monthly services like LogMeIn Rescue and GoToAssist, and the screen drawing speed is much better than free products like the reverse VNC solution from UltraVNC.

— Keith Maune @ ScreenConnect Testimonials

Order placed and license key arrived in minutes. I have spoken to them several times and they are always prompt, knowledgeable and professional. I have no hesitation recommending Elsinore Technologies or their ScreenConnect product.

— Shopper @ Google Checkout Reviews

Every other tool is a PIA to use. A client can call me when I'm driving around town and I can flip it up on my ipad or phone in seconds, SECONDS, that means everything to a customer, that within a minute of them calling you're on their machine.

— ComputerHero @ ScreenConnect Forum

I dare anyone out there to find a similar self hosted remote software with the same feature set for a lower cost!

— bigdessert @ ScreenConnect Forum


Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is an open source remote support utility that employs the RFB protocol. There are several notable products based on this open source technology, including UltraVNC, RealVNC, and TightVNC. Each of these tools provides a different UI and a varying set of features. VNC solutions are typically self-hosted and are usually either free or relatively inexpensive.

ScreenConnect vs. VNC

How does ScreenConnect compare with VNC?

Most VNC tools require the client to be installed on both the technician and customer computer, firewall changes made, and various security changes implemented before a connection can be made. With ScreenConnect, there is around 15-30 minutes of initial setup involved. Following that, no further configurations need to be made in order to connect to a guest computer.

Customers making the change from VNC to ScreenConnect have noted that our web portal, our software UI, and the ability to work with customers without requiring firewall changes are their reasons for switching.

Why choose ScreenConnect over VNC?

ScreenConnect has been noted to have much higher quality and faster connections than VNC. ScreenConnect also packs a wide-range of features for technicians including role-based securities, video auditing and the toolbox feature.

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