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LogMeIn Alternative

We are often asked how ScreenConnect compares to LogMeIn. Below, we've outlined some pros and cons along with the key differences between the two offerings. We started by highlighting the top reasons you should consider ScreenConnect as a viable alternative for LogMeIn.

Fragmented Software

LogMeIn takes an á la carte approach. You'd have to buy 4-5 various installments to get all the functionality ScreenConnect offers in one solution.


Your customer should see your company name and logo, not ours. ScreenConnect provides nearly 100% branding and customization for increased visibility.

20,000 Foot View

Since LogMeIn has a few offerings, let's concentrate on LogMeIn Rescue for a high-level comparison:

  • ScreenConnect
  • Ad hoc Support Sessions
  • Meetings
  • Central Manager
  • Toolbox Feature
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No

Did You Know?

LogMeIn provides more than 14 different products; 9 of which fall into the screen sharing arena. Figuring out which product to use can be hard; paying for each even harder.

LogMeIn Pricing and Packages

Below is some of the product comparisons between LMI Central, Rescue and ScreenConnect.

LogMeIn Rescue

One of the leading remote support products in the industry. Rescue provides a comprehensive feature set. Here is their pricing.

LogMeIn Rescue
  • $1299/year per tech
LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile
  • $1749/year per tech

LogMeIn Central

Allows users ability to access and manage multiple computers, providing a node level pricing as opposed to concurrent or technician licensing.

Central Basic
  • 25 nodes - $499
  • 100 nodes - $699
  • 250 nodes - $999
  • 500 nodes - $1499
  • 1000 nodes - $2499
Central Plus
  • 25 nodes - $999
  • 100 nodes - $1499
  • 250 nodes - $2999
  • 500 nodes - $4999
  • 1000 nodes - $7999
Central Premier
  • 25 nodes - $1299
  • 100 nodes - $29699
  • 250 nodes - $5999
  • 500 nodes - $9999
  • 1000 nodes - $14999

ScreenConnect Solutions

ScreenConnect remote support, unattended access, and remote meeting solutions give you the customization and security you rely on to drive you business success.

LogMeIn Overview

LogMeIn (LMI) is a hosted (SaaS) based online solution. Many people utilize both their solutions as a way to provide ad hoc remote support, centralized remote access to machines, meetings, and similar functionality.

Their offerings are spread out over 14 unique product lines, each designed with a specific use model in mind. Their products often provide some overlap in functionality, which can be a little confusing when trying to choose which product(s) you will need for your use model.

ScreenConnect vs. LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue (LMIR) is widely recognized as the flagship product for LMI in regards to ad hoc remote support. Ad hoc sessions take place when there isn't a pre-installed client on the machine.

There are several notable pricing and licensing differences in the two products. ScreenConnect provides all-inclusive packages that are comparable to LogMeIn Rescue and node level pricing similar to LogMeIn Central.

Comparing features, performance, and compatibility the tools each have their areas of strengths and weaknesses. From our perspective LMI has a large focus on providing a molded solution for a specific use model; while our approach is more of a toolset that users can pick and choose from depending on their needs.

Probably the biggest technical difference is that ScreenConnect does not require a client to be installed on the customer or tech side. Users can interface with each other through the central web application and the client is deployed on-demand to both sides and removed after the session.

LogMeIn Rescue Feature Differences

While each product could conceivably list hundreds of potential features/functionality, the following are some of the items ScreenConnect provides that were noted as reasons for switching from LogMeIn to ScreenConnect by customers.

  • Multiple session join options for guests including listed sessions
  • Ability for tech to run support from Mac or Linux OS
  • Ability to turn on/off host or guest mouse and keyboard control
  • Wake-On-LAN
  • Conduct meetings with customers
  • Set up a central, organized list of remote access machines
  • Drag and Drop file transfer
  • Extensive branding and customization options

ScreenConnect vs. LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is a sister product of LogMeIn Rescue providing users who want remote access functionality for their machines, employees, or customers. Technically Central seems like a good product, many of the UI elements and features are similar to ScreenConnect. However, LogMeIn also stacks on additional functionality at a price in the tiered pricing.

Often, users will be forced to choose between LogMeIn Rescue or LogMeIn Central in conjunction with add-ons for mobile support, mobile clients, and certain functionality.

ScreenConnect bundles our remote access functionality with our core product, so there are no additional costs. There are also no limitations as to the number of machines you can support.

Product Licensing

If you are looking for an easy hosted solution LogMeIn Rescue may be a good fit. In turn, you will be paying a premium. ScreenConnect is all-inclusive solution that is a more affordable alternative.

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