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ScreenConnect is a self-hosted and cloud remote support, meeting, and access solution. ScreenConnect has similar features, functionality and performance.

Take a quick look at the primary differences between GoToAssist and ScreenConnect


GoToAssist starts at $69/month/tech for the Express version with basic functionality. ScreenConnect is an all-inclusive software that offers a variety of plans to fit businesses of all sizes.


Non Comprehensive Solution

GoToAssist offers varying packages including GoToMyPC ($100/yr/computer), GoToAssist ($660/yr), GoToAssist Corporate ($1,428/yr), GoToMeeting ($468/yr/25 attendees). 1 These modules are priced rather high for their given functionality. You can get a lifetime license of ScreenConnect for less than half what a year of GoToAssist would cost.


Did You Know?

GoToAssist limits the number of unattended sessions to 100 and GoToMeeting limits the number of participants to 25. Slim pickings if you ask us.

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Resell Potential






Cost Overview

2.7 month ROI

ScreenConnect has around a two and a half month positive ROI versus the GTA Corporate licensing plan ($119/month).2

What could you buy with the money you would spend on 10 GTA Licenses for 3 years? ($42,840)

In year one you could buy:

  • 20x ScreenConnect Licenses ($5,000)
  • 10x 16GB iPads ($5,000)
  • 6x 17" Dell laptops ($4,200)

In year two and three you could buy:

  • A huge diamond
  • A car
  • A down payment on a house

License Price Comparison

This chart illustrates that ScreenConnect is significantly less expensive than GTA.

     ScreenConnect Concurrent Session

     GTA Corporate For 1 yr

     GTA Corporate For 2 yr




— Key Points

  • Branding and customization to match your company
  • ScreenConnect offers an array of licensing options ranging from single techs to large organizations
  • Plug-in architecture allows for unlimited customization and integration possibilities


ScreenConnect is already saving my company time and energy! Combine the value license price with the ease of deployment, usage and features and this solution is going to pay back a lot quicker than I expected! I find the licensing to be extremely fair, and the software is rock solid – I’ve not had a customer issue yet! If you’re in the Software business, you can’t afford not to have ScreenConnect in your toolbox.

— Alex Conner @ Google Checkout Reviews

I have loved everything about ScreenConnect and will be making a purchase shortly! It's much better than GoToAssist Express, and much cheaper! Thanks for this great product!

— Marc Manna @ ScreenConnect Testimonials

I've used several products before and I will say for ScreenConnect is by far the most cost effective out there. I've used products with no web console and some with. ScreenConnect offers many features that I wish were in some of the more expensive solutions...

— etaftm @ ScreenConnect Forum

We have successfully integrated your app into our help desk model. We are ready to kick Citrix to the curb!

— Skipper Stringfield @ ScreenConnect Testimonials

I challenge you to find another product with the same feature set for anywhere close to that cost. Before I purchased, I tried every one out there. You just can't find another product like this for anywhere close to this price.

— scottmcd9999 @ ScreenConnect Forum

Every other tool is a PIA to use. A client can call me when I'm driving around town and I can flip it up on my ipad or phone in seconds, SECONDS, that means everything to a customer, that within a minute of them calling you're on their machine.

— ComputerHero @ ScreenConnect Forum

My problem is that I wasted so much time with GoToMyPC, GoToManage and other remote control software. ScreenConnect kicks butt....and it's blazing fast! THANK YOU!

— Anthony Mitts @ ScreenConnect Testimonials


Citrix offers two versions of their remote support solution, GTA for IT Professionals and GTA Corporate, as well as separate packages for remote access (GoToMyPc) and meeting capabilities (GoToMeeting).

GoToAssist does a great job of enticing companies with GTA Express pricing of $69 per month. It’s a breeze until you need additional features and functionality. To get a more robust feature set you must purchase the Corporate (which doesn't include remote access). ScreenConnect is an all-inclusive package for support, access and meetings and was specifically developed to offer an alternative to the hosted solutions like GoToAssist. ScreenConnect is a self-hosted and cloud solution that offers a variety of licensing options for companies of all sizes.

ScreenConnect vs. GTA

How does ScreenConnect compare to GTA?

It is very hard to do a direct comparison of ScreenConnect to Citrix's GoTo line because ScreenConnect is an all-inclusive package for support, access and meetings while GoTo uses an a la carte approach.

Citrix breaks apart their solutions: GoToMyPC ($100/yr/computer), GoToAssist ($660/yr), GoToAssist Corporate ($1,428/yr), GoToMeeting ($468/yr/25 attendees). ScreenConnect probably compares most closely to GoToAssist Corporate ($119) but Corporate does not include access or meeting capabilites. To get those you will also have to purchase either GoToAssist or GoToMyPC Corporate for access and GoToMeetings for meetings. We realize that you may not need all these feature sets, but ScreenConnect still has a 2.7 positive ROI versus GTA Corporate licensing plans.

1 Some comparisons:
One home user needing access to 1 computer for 5 yr: 1x SC $325 vs 1x GoToMyPC $10/month ($600)= 1.8x
One-man IT shop needing remote support and access for 3 yr: 1x SC $325 vs 1x GTA 3 yr $828 ($2,484)= 7.6x
IT shop needing remote support and access for 3 yr: 1x SC 5 pack $1,400 vs 1x GTA 3 yr $828 ($12,420)= 8.9x
Large company with 20 technicians needing remote support for 3 yr: 1x SC 20 pack $5,000 vs 20x GTA Corp 3 yr $1,428 ($85,680)= 17x

2 Based on GTA Corporate plans $1,428/yr for each technician.

3 Our data is based on published website plans. But we have heard of GTA giving volume discounts.

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