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ScreenConnect is a self-hosted and cloud remote support, access, and meeting solution. ScreenConnect is priced substantially lower and offers similar performance, functionality and features. Let's dive in and see how they compare.

Ditch the Cost

BOMGAR® doesn't advertise their price for a reason! Expect to pay around $7,000 to get started with a B200™ and a couple of licenses. Compare that to $600, the cost of two ScreenConnect licenses. 1, 2, 3

Keep the Quality

Come for the cost savings, stay for the performance. Our customers quickly find ScreenConnect delivers excellent remote control often eclipsing the experience of more expensive competitive products.5

Did You Know?

BOMGAR® has taken the B100™ end of life. If you are a small company stuck with one of these devices, let us know, and we will be happy to help.

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While we pick on BOMGAR® about their pricing, the actuality is that these products are in many ways quite similar. Below is a high-level comparisons of the two products:







HIPAA / PCI Compliance

Sells Hardware

Toolbox Feature

Persistent Clients
















Key Points

ScreenConnect Licensing

  • One-time purchasing
  • 12 months of software updates
  • Affordable Enterprise licensing
  • Licenses can be resold
  • Hosted in your environment

License Cost Comparison

  • BOMGAR® license prices start around $1995/license
  • ScreenConnect starts around $325/license
  • ScreenConnect allows you to choose your own hardware

Product Development

  • 4-6 version releases a year
  • 90% of all development is based on community feedback
  • All development from our office in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • We are not developing an all-encompasing solution, simply a tool that does what it says it will
  • Making sure it works, wins out over new feature all day...everyday.


Company Name: ScreenConnect Software, LLC

Established: 2008

Product: ScreenConnect

Summary: ScreenConnect is a self-hosted and cloud remote support solution. Our goal is to develop a simple tool that just works and provides maximum compatibility on a variety of operating systems.




How does BOMGAR® work?

They provide on-premises remote support that provides remote support, access, and meeting capability, they also sell their own hardware with the solution. The hardware comes in several flavors ranging from the B200™ to the B400™ (the B100™ suffered an "EOL" (end of life) in 2013), as well as, a virtual appliance.

The differing appliances are designed to support companies of various sizes. The remote support software itself is quite feature-rich, with everything from a long list of manager options to some nifty drawing utilities.

Why choose ScreenConnect instead?

There are a lot of good products in the market and very few that offer self-hosted options. We don’t challenge that many of them make great products; but we do challenge the ROI for small and midsized businesses. The overall cost are 10-12 times an equivalent ScreenConnect license1, 2, 3. If you are considering BOMGAR® or renewing your support, try our free trial of ScreenConnect first. Even if you don’t choose us it will give you a good negotiating tactic to ask for a discount!

How does ScreenConnect compare?

The self-hosting aspect and concurrent licensing options are similar. The BOMGAR® solution does (currently) have more features than ScreenConnect. But we believe many professionals will be paying for a lot of features they never use. ScreenConnect embodies all the features of a reputable remote support product and we do them well.

Update! Some of the biggest requests we have had from customers that have switched products have been added to our product with our 4.0 release. Including command line access, Wake-On-LAN, improved organization of unattended clients, and more granular session logging.

Does ScreenConnect have JUMP™ Clients?

We provide persistent clients that can be used to access a computer without end-user assistance. Unattended remote sessions with ScreenConnect allows for unlimited unattended connections while BOMGAR® limits the number of JUMP™ clients dependent upon on your appliance.

Does ScreenConnect sell hardware?

No, ScreenConnect is software only and sorry, we don't have any overpriced computers laying around we want to sell. This allows you the freedom to choose how and where you want to install. This eliminates any yearly fees for hardware related maintenance4 and more versatility, users can install in their network, DMZ, or via a VPS service.


ScreenConnect Good:

I am delighted with your product as well as with your support and the friendliness of your staff. I am planning on adding a second session soon and I have completely disconnected my BOMGAR BOX® and I am planning on donating it to Florida's artificial reef program. You have a faster, better product!

— Miguel Fra

... There are much more expensive options that are simply less effective than ScreenConnect. Trust me, we have tried them ALL!

— Chris Burnum

I've used Citrix GoToAssisst/GoToManage, BOMGAR®, AMMYY, Team Viewer and this is the most cost effective remote support tool out there.

— delirium

I use BOMGAR® everyday from 8 to 5 and I'm absolutely awe-struck with what ScreenConnect offers and how easily I was able to integrate it into my website.

— E. Hernandez

I dare anyone out there to find a similar remote software with the same feature set for a lower cost!

— bigdessert

I challenge you to find another product with the same feature set for anywhere close to that cost. Before I purchased, I tried every one out there. You just can't find another product like this for anywhere close to this price.

— scottmcd9999

Every other tool is a PIA to use. A client can call me when I'm driving around town and I can flip it up on my ipad or phone in seconds, SECONDS, that means everything to a customer, that within a minute of them calling you're on their machine.

— ComputerHero


It seems, that after this year, if we are to remain customers of BOMGAR®, we need to upgrade to the B200™ which currently has a minimum of 2 user licenses. While they have "discounted" the migration through providing the hardware for free - they are forcing the "little guy" to purchase another license (when it is not needed). To's a crazy way to maintain faithful customers.

— Jason Boke

I'm a one man I.T. shop here, supporting 40 employees. I have no need for multiple BOMGAR® licenses, again, I'm the only I.T. person...BOMGAR® has been a great product, but how can you justify having me pay more, for the exact same service? Not only paying more, but almost double what I'm paying now?

— Phil Borcherding

I am a 1 man IT company, so I just wanted to say I too am extremely unhappy and frustrated with this [EOL announcement]. This will force me to look at other alternatives, like ScreenConnect.

— Rob Ralston

I'm a BOMGAR® B100™ appliance owner that's feeling kind of cranky still about the EOL announcement of that product. So far I am not real thrilled about the options BOMGAR® is giving me as a customer - so I am looking for alternative products.

— db

1 Some comparisons:
2x SC $600 vs 1x B200™ with 2 Licenses $7,182 = 12x (B200™ requires 2 concurrent licenses)
1x SC 5 pack $1,375 vs 1x B200™ with 5 Licenses $14,364 = 10.4x
1x SC 10 pack $2,500 vs 1x B200™ with 10 Licenses $26,334 = 10.5x

2 Quote for a B200™ Box™ with 2 Concurrent Licenses. B200™ has to have at least 2 Concurrent Licenses.

3 Our data is based on quotes, but we have heard of discounts of anywhere from 10% to 20% applied to accounts at time of sale.

4 Yearly maintenance fees are ~20% of the original purchase price.

5 Take a look at the comments section above!

* BOMGAR, BOMGAR BOX, JUMP, B200, and B400 are trademarks belonging to the Bomgar Corporation, which is not affiliated with Elsinore Technologies, Inc

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