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About ConnectWise Control, formerly ScreenConnect

ConnectWise Control, formerly ScreenConnect, provides technology solution providers with a quick, secure, powerful way to remotely support clients and end users. Control was developed in Raleigh, NC in 2007, when the founders saw a significant gap in the remote control tools that were available on the market. Today, ConnectWise Control is trusted by thousands of IT professionals worldwide.

In 2015, we became a part of the ConnectWise suite of solutions, coming on board as the premier remote support solution. ConnectWise solutions allow every partner to work from one place, taking your organization from getting by to getting ahead.

Development Strategy

“Keep it simple, and make sure it works!” That pretty much sums up CTO Jake Morgan's design philosophy. Our goal is to keep delivering consistent, innovative improvements that take into account industry standards and the needs of our partners.

We listen closely to our community, reviewing every request and making sure we're using feedback to fuel our development. This design process means we can be scalable, flexible, and easily modified to meet changing industry needs.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our roadmap, and we're happy to discuss it with our community. Our features are rigorously tested so that we know they're working for you.