Comparing Remote Support Solutions

Each commercially available remote support solution provides a unique set of product features to help differentiate it from the competition. With so many different products, it's often difficult for consumers to determine if a given product is compatible with their environment and has the necessary feature set, not to mention how much it will cost them each year, now and as they expand.

To assist our customers, we are providing a comparison of ScreenConnect and a few of the other industry products that we receive frequent questions about.

BOMGAR<sup>®</sup> Logo

ScreenConnect vs. BOMGAR®

BOMGAR® provides on-premises remote support with a solution positioned around two key assets: the BOMGAR BOX® and their remote support software.

LogMeIn Logo

ScreenConnect vs. LogMeIn Rescue

One of the industry leaders in remote support and remote access software, LogMeIn has a variety of options they offer à la carte.

TeamViewer Logo

ScreenConnect vs. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is likely the most recognizable name in the industry, with a strong presence in Europe and abroad. TeamViewer provides remote support, remote access, and remote meeting capabilities.

GoToAssist Logo

ScreenConnect vs. GoToAssist

Manufactured by Citrix, GoToAssist is a leader in hosted remote support software. GoToAssist offers both a corporate and express version of their remote support solutions.